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Cut A Block Of Yellow Granite

Cut a block of Yellow Granite

How do you cut a block of Yellow San Giacomo Granite?

In the past, the processing of granite involved the use of explosives to detach the “slice” of granite from which the blocks are then obtained from the hill where it was placed.
This, however, had strong negative aspects
– the objective danger for man, due to the handling of explosives and the risks related to it
– the possibility that the extracted material was then ruined by the explosion itself, or in any case the partial loss of granite that could not be worked
– the fact that the landscape was marred by explosions which would also compromise the stability of the ground.

How is Yellow San Giacomo Granite cut today?

To extract the granite, the diamond wire is used, which slowly cuts the “slice” of granite from the hill where it is placed. Thanks to this method, very few pieces of waste are produced and the quarry is protected from the use of explosives.

Subsequently through the use of block cutters, slides that allow a precise cut of the “slice”, it is segmented into large blocks which in turn are then reduced into smaller pieces and subsequently subjected to other processing procedures depending on the use that it must be done.

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